The dancers and bartenders at the clubs are a special breed. Their job consists of greeting everyone who walks through the door, moderating the chat and making sure that the next entertainer is in place. They come in thinking it will be a great job meeting all sorts of interesting people. They have high hopes and expectations – only to see them cruelly dashed by a never ending army of random douchebags.

Yet another douchebag alt.

The dancers have to enforce the rules. To a degree they do so. Sometimes, they will let certain things slide just like a real policeman, and look the other way if a person walks in who is dressed on the edge of propriety. If a person’s clothing is not up to the club dress code the dancers will ask them to change into something more fitting with the clubs style. Most will cheerfully comply with the request. Occasionally this conversation will occur.

[10:00] ღƊąჭჭѕ : Hello, I can’t help but notice, but your genitals are exposed, You can come back once you get some clothes on
[10:00] KorneHolEr: no
[10:00] ღƊąჭჭѕ : then dont come back, its all good
[10:00] KorneHolEr: fuck your pussy

Oh dear, well this was a polite request wasn’t it? But it went so ugly so fast. This poor dancer has to now put up with the sort of abuse that would be shocking in a real life setting. It is likely that KorneHolEr in the real world is a mild mannered nebbish accountant. Feeling the power of anonymity on the interwebs he turns into Captain Douchebag who can run around a crowded dance floor stabbing people with his outsizes genitals. Then he runs into a person with authority, the dreaded dancer. A person who can banish him and his 200 douchebag alts over and over again with impunity. So he lashes out.

The dancers for the most part develop a very thick skin to this type of abuse. They hear it everyday. Some dancers crack under the pressure of being accosted by these hairbags day in and day out. Others relish the opportunity to send them spinning into the ocean on fire. “Go ahead, make my day”.

Here are the top things to say to a dancer to get you a one way ticket to the ocean:

Irina – Someone told me ” I will pay you 500 L to see your downstairs”

Melony – I got called a cunt for ejecting them bc they were flying then running into people then flying wouldn’t stop so i ejected them… yeah got put on mute

Liz – “Your Dj is talking too much”

Gabby – “My husband owns Second Life and I’ll have your account deleted”

Ivoni – ” my sister works at Linden Lab and i’ll make sure, she will have your account deleted FOREVER!”

Mercy – “you’re racist for not letting little blue pony people come in”

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