Premature Esendalation

Lot’s of happenings coming up this week at the clubs. We will be having an awesome winter beach party at REZ nightclub this weekend on Saturday at 8 PM with the volatile and cantankerous Sideshow doing the MC honors. Rez beach parties are notorious for their faboulousness.

Sometimes the dancers will send out notices early. These notices will have the wrong person on them. They then have to send out another notice to correct the problem with the earlier one. This is the condition known as premature esendalation. This word does not exist in any dictionary. Now it is a word. Well done KK.

We would like to welcome 23 new trolls to the banned list. Congrats! Always room for more. It takes 15 minutes to make a new annoying alt and only 1 second for the dancers to press the ban button. They love it!

Look for details on the upcoming White Party! It is going to be nothing less than astounding.

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