Yasum Designs

When you think style, when you think cutting edge fashion you need to think Yasum Designs. In a sea of mediocrity quality can be hard to find. But once you spot it, it is like a beacon of light in a dark storm-tossed ocean.

Azlyn Vaher has assembled a collection of clothing designs that compliment both men and women. Purchase them as a couple and let people know that you have taste and style.

A black widow in hot clothes. Ready to pounce and take what is rightfully hers. Get into this today.

Perfect for role play and light greifing, this outfit is sexy and can be worn in a variety of situations.

Bring out the gangsta gal in you with this intriguing ensemble. Perfect for a night out on the hood.

This outfit noir spells intrigue and secrecy. Who knows the dark thoughts that run through the mind of the wearer. Impress and intimidate with this creation.

For the man who likes to be on top, this outfit from Yasum is the perfect fit. Mesh and leather will double your pleasure.

New outfits are being designed and released constantly. Make sure you drop by the store and check for updates as new releases are put up for display on a regular basis. Azlyn never sits still and its quite possible that she does not sleep.

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