Yasum Designs

Azlyn Vaher has been selling clothing in the AEG Malls since 2011. Her designs are currently top notch original mesh creations that reflect her esoteric creativity. The look can best be classified as bohemian steampunk with edgy urban undertones. It certainly is one of a kind and the quality speaks for itself.

One Piece jumper inspires you to achieve and surprise the competition when you go out on the town. Dare to be bold with this body hugging outfit that looks great with a pair of leather heels. 
Tight high wasted pants end just below the breasts to give you a surprising out there look that will surely be a hit. Combine with a favorite top to make it a hit. 
Guys will love these rugged denim jeans that fit perfectly for a masculine feel. Top quality texture and realistic shadows and folds give there pants the must wear look that will make you look amazing. 
Accessorize with this great fitting necklace with pendant that’s perfect to set off the individual look that you desire. 
Steampunk accessories and shoes set off all the great outfits that you can get at Yasum. Highly detailed leather top hat, gas mask and shiny leather shoes set you apart from the rest of the pack.