Pink Pearl Designs

All original mesh designs with custom rigging by Pink Pearl gets you away from the same old, same old look that is so prevalent in Second life today. Pinkness specializes in making complete outfits as well as sassy costumes for all holidays. Most outfits come complete with full accessories.

This saucy costume comes with full nursing accessories to assist you in creating a full on fantasy that will make your patients hearts race with excitement. Check the pulse on excitement with this fun outfit. 

Get your feet wet with these fun sneakers. They are the perfect footwear for so many of your favorite sporty outfits and the bold bright colors will tell everyone that you’re built for fun and speed.

This body hugging short mini dress comes in a variety of pastel colors and is perfect for hitting the clubs after a fun day at the beach. 

Show off those legs with these leg warmer stockings  that come in a variety of styles and colors. Perfect for keeping warm on those chilly romantic evenings. 

So adorable and so right. Sexy bra and panty sets that feature matching sleeves and a cute bow as well.  Perfect fit for all the most popular newer mesh bodies.Who can resist?