Strum Diesel

Sean began songwriting and performing at 13 and soon began to realize that was his destiny. Personal experience is the primary source for subject matter in Sean’s work. When he’s not lamenting his heartbreak, or the heartbreak he has created, his voice is dedicated to explicating socio-political issues that are constantly perverted or altogether ignored by mainstream media.

While Sean is primarily a songwriter – he has an extensive list of covers as well including songs by U2, Ani Difranco, Coldplay, Green Day and Radiohead.

In 2008, Sean entered the world of Second Life as Strum Diesel upon recommendation from a friend. Within 3 months of participation at open mic’s and live shows on the virtual reality commerce game he has amassed a devoted following with fans hailing from California to Germany. Unlike profile based sites like myspace and facebook, Second Life allows ’Strum’ to share his craft through full live sets, where listeners can hear what Sean is really all about. Sean has found a renewed sense of purpose as a performer and writer. This renewed sense not only involves having the time of his life performing as much as possible, in as many places as possible, but also truly being a part of what will help mankind enter into an elevated state of awareness of what it means to be human. Now that’s purpose!

‘Whether he’s singing about growing up next to the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, surviving Hurricane Katrina, or getting beat up as a kid for not having a dad, there’s always a sense of hope behind even the most heartbreaking words.’ – Jen Cray, Ink 19

‘Simply put, his talent will blow you away.’ – Kim Frazier,

‘Kagalis possesses the strong talent of presenting everyday life issues in his music, without losing the power of the melody and the impact of his guitar work.’ – Shawn M. Haney, Southeast Performer

You can see more about him on his webpage at

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