Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler

Pete Mroz (aka Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler) has been around the block and is “deep in the streets”. He has probably lived in ten states, including Texas, Mississippi, and Connecticut. With a nomadic heart and a restless mind Pete Mroz reaches through his music for elusive beauty and unfettered love that is growing obsolete at an alarming rate. There is a crisis at hand and Pete Mroz is the inexhaustible hero. Just listen to his voice and you’ll understand that he has tapped into something “as real as real gets”. It is beyond emotional and deeply soulful, it is LOVE, itself. And he can’t stop himself!

Pete’s first disc was “54 Days on Blue Planet”. Stand out songs like “What Does It Mean” and “(I am) The Man” showcase Pete’s strong blues roots and firmly establish him in the company of John Mayer’s “Continuum” and Eric Clapton’s “Pilgrim (for your love)”. And while Pete may have “took himself to school” at the feet of Robert Johnson, “The Least I Can Do” would make any seasoned Nashville songwriter seethe with reckless jealousy.
Pete Mroz is a fUNCKY mOTHER hUBBARD! Houdini was too. Now Pete Mroz is coming out with his sophomore release “Detachment”. Pete Mroz will not go away. He’s gonna keep coming at you. He says he’s true to his love, he calls her “music”. MAYA ANGELOU (writer: Why The Caged Bird Sings) once said that “Everything you do is political. Whatever side of the bed you get up on is political.” Well I say that Pete Mroz is the coup that will bring down big money!!!! How many lives will be lost to the tyranny of paper cuts? POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!! WE ARE OUR OWN BOSSES!!! And as I was once heard to remark . . . “His musical resolutions are very satisfying.”- Gordon Vincent


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