Froezz Moonites

Who is Froezz Moonites? He is a  27 yrs old  who sings, writes songs and works as a Sound and Design Engineer musician in Phoenix,Arizona.   He makes a personal connection with his audience allowing him to express his feelings through his music and evoke emotions.  He calls his music an honest compilation of his thoughts, emotions and recollections, written without knowing that in the future that he would share them with a world-wide audience. His music is the story of his life, an extension of his inner soul projected out to the audience at large.

During his career as an engineer he has had the opportnity to work with such legendary artists as: Leon Russell, Glen Campbell , Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Vaughn, Johnny winter, Stanley Jordan, John Hammond, Arturo Sandoval, Herby Mann, Dave Mustaine, Alice Cooper, Hal Ketchum, Bo Diddley, Steve Rippley, Stone Temple Pilots and many many more. He learned that they are all just the simple human beings as the rest of us with the same vulnerabilites and emotions.  Because of the experience of being able to learn from such amazing talent, he has been able to sharpen his skills as an enginer producer to record his own music witht he same quality and expertise..

Learning to write lyrics at the knee of the great Leon Russell and Bob Dylan paved the way for Froezz to further his writing styles and song structure.

Check out his My Space Page to listen to his music.

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