Buckley Moonwall

Billboard Magazine calls Buckley Moonwall, a.k.a. Gordon Vincent, one of the “Top Independent Artists in the United States”.   No matter how far into it he gets, somehow, he manages to remain a  “singer songwriter on the edge… of something”.

Buckley’s life has been steeped in music.   He calls himself a “passionate eclectic who happens to be extremely fortunate.”    Buckley believes that if you find something that you’re good at, and something that brings you joy,
then you should work hard at it, and give it what you got.

Buckley keeps a creative journal, so to speak, and is continually taking notes on the running conversation he’s had with himself since high school.   He says his notebooks contain “. . . lyrics,  ideas, words, phone numbers, recipes, whatever.”  You might hear his longtime RL friend, Pilgrim (the guy who got Buckley into SL), doing one or two of his tunes on occasion.

Although Buckley is a relative newcomer to SL, he is certainly making a name for himself here in a big way.

Make sure you check his music out at his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/gordonvincent

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