Allister Westland

Allister Westland is a well established and popular musician in SL who’s performances get rave reviews. His shows consist of a mix of classic rock and modern popular rock cover tunes as well as a collection of original material that showcases his musical diversity and abilities. You will hear anything from soft acoustic ballads in their purest form with only his acoustic guitar and his rich soulful vocals, to hard driving heavy rock tunes with the full production sound of his self performed and pre-recorded backing tracks.

Allister sings live and combines both acoustic guitar and electric guitar in his performances and with the advances in technology available to him in the studio from which he performs from, will sometimes layer live keyboard and drum parts to his songs. His unique musical style is influenced by everyone from Van Halen and Joe Satriani to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and other classic rock favorites.

Allister has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. He is self taught in guitar, bass, percussion and keyboards. He is also Conservatory trained in Clarinet and has won several awards for his playing abilities. Allister has performed and recorded with many bands throughout the years and has solid stage and recording studio experience. He streams his live, Internet based performances from his own home recording studio located in Toronto , Ontario Canada.

Studio Equipment includes the following:

Fostex VF16 Digital Multitrack recorder
Fostex VM200 16 track Digital Mixer
48 Channel Patch Bay
Sonar Producers Edition Software Studio
Large Collection of Software Effect Plug-ins
Yamaha DTXtreme2S Custom Drumkit
Yamaha Motif ES8 Digital Keyboard Workstation
Large collection of Software based Synths.
2 Presonus Eureka Professional Pre-Amps
Lexicon Professional Reverb
Alesis Midi 4 Rack effects
ART Multieffects Unit
Pod X3 Live Guitar Effects
Gibson SG and Les Paul and Kramer Electric Guitars
Seagull and Yamaha Acoustic Guitars
Yamaha Bass Guitar
AKG Preception and CS1000 Condensor Mics
Shure SM57 and SM58 Dynamic Mics
Fender, Marshall and Hiwatt Guitar Amplification
Crown Audio Reference Amplifiers
Cerwin Vega and PSB Studio Monitors

All pre-recorded Backing tracks are recorded on a Fostex VF16 Multitrack Recorder and Live inputs of Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboards and Drums are Mixed on the Fostex VM200 Digital 16 Track Mixer and fed into a digital S/pdif Computer Soundcard Input for Streaming through the Shoutcast Winamp Plug-in , Live to an Internet based audience.

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