The Lohners

“Lacey Lohner” sings and plays acoustic guitar, bass and ukulele. Her original songs are quirky, humourous, touching and from the heart. Lacey is a professional bass player and backing vocalist, and music teacher in RL. She has performed in many bands, concerts and TV appearances.

“The Lohners” – Performing LIVE in SL.
Lacey plays her original songs on bass, ukulele and guitar, accompanied by her real life husband Lugg Lohner on drums and backing vocals, to backing tracks from the studio recordings. Lugg Lohner is a professional drummer, currently playing in many show bands and rock bands.

Lacey and Lugg perform songs by Sting, Cliff Richard, Tracy Chapman, Matt Finish, Bachelor Girl, Joan Baez, Pretenders, Eartha Kitt and many more.

We are on Sydney Australia Time Zone, so the best times for us to perform are from 5pm SLT til 1 am SLT.

To hear a sample of our live to SL performances:

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