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MAX KLEENE rumbles into Ambrosia Wednesday Night at 6 PM

Check out this amazing live performer at Ambrosia when he rolls into town on Wednesday Oct 19 at 6 PM . You will love his voice and guitar ballads as well as his rocking singles. Max Kleene has been the

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Grind features new Saturday Yacht Parties

Things just got steamy at the Grind! Every Saturday will now feature a romantic dance party aboard our yacht, the SS MushyLoveSongs. Bring your date and impress her with your sublime taste in romantic dance clubs. When you board the

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Valentine’s Red Party Thursday Feb 14

It is that time of year again when cupids fly around and shoot arrows into everyone’s ass. Oh yes, it is Valentines day. Our amazing Romantic Dance Venue, GRIND, will be hosting the Valentine’s RED Party. The dress code is

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Massive 8 PM Beach Party at REZ!

REZ – Saturday Night 1/19/2012 Going to use some premature esendalation here and let you all know about the Mother of all Beach parties happening tonight at REZ Nightclub and Mall. Here is the way it works. You show up

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