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The dancers and bartenders at the clubs are a special breed. Their job consists of greeting everyone who walks through the door, moderating the chat and making sure that the next entertainer is in place. They come in thinking it

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What’s in a name? That which we call a noob by any other name would be just as moronic.

by Veronika Skinstad After an extended absence from Second Life, I have returned like the prodigal dancer to inflict my joie de vivre on unsuspecting avatars everywhere.  Everyone keeps telling me that getting back into the swing of things in

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Valentine’s Red Party Thursday Feb 14

It is that time of year again when cupids fly around and shoot arrows into everyone’s ass. Oh yes, it is Valentines day. Our amazing Romantic Dance Venue, GRIND, will be hosting the Valentine’s RED Party. The dress code is

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It is great to see old friends

Ambrosia Dance Club has now been in operation for over 6 years and during that time many people have come and gone through our doors. Some stay for a minute and others for years and years. It is wonderful to

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