HUMANOID Dances Joins the Ambrosia Mall

We are very proud to now feature a full store from Humanoid dances in the Ambrosia Mall. Humanoid Dances are the best motion capture dance technology currently available in Second Life. Using professional dancers to create the dance moves certainly leads to a degree of authenticity that makes Dances from Humanoid stand out in the virtual world.

One amazing feature is that you can actually view the Youtube videos of the real dancer performing the moves wearing a motion capture suit. Here is an example of the latest video featuring Kevin!

Humanoid dances are great for males and females who are looking for the best Second Life Dance Animations. If you are looking for Mocap dances that will set you apart from the crowd, you need look no further than Humanoid which is now located conveniently outside the entrance to the club.

You can also try and buy the dances directly from the dance floor of the club through convenient dance balls which are located right on the stage. Once you try Humanoid dances I am sure you will agree that there are no finer Second Life Dance Animations available anywhere. The quality and precision of the dances reflect the care that the creators at Humanoid take to make sure that you have the best dances available to avatars in Second Life.

So head on down and take that TP to Ambrosia Dance Club and test drive these amazing dances for yourself. Your Chimera with thank you.

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