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Guys go Shirtless Party

We had our usual Wild West Party on Friday with country western tunes but this time the ladies went a little bit wild and ripped the shirts off of the guys on the dance floor turning it into Shirtless Wild

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What’s going On?

We had a fun time at Ambrosia last night with DJ’s Jil and Mercedes packing the place.  There were over 55 avatars at 11 PM in the sim having a great time dancing and interacting.  The daytime party was fun

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Maximillion Kleene packs the place

Last night during Maximillion Kleene’s performance we hit a sim record of 75 concurrent visitors. The island is capped at this number so it’s assured that many more were trying to get in but could not.  It’s a shame that

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Bunnies,Babes and Bizarre

Yet another fun week has passed at the club with lots of events happening and of course the Easter Holiday.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of various happenings around the club. Kohkoh and Johhhny ( or is

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